The newspaper "The Star Batumi" - the indispensable tool for citizens!!!

The newspaper "The Star Batumi" - the indispensable tool for citizens!!!

Advertisement "Star Batumi" newspaper has a circulation 10000 copies and distributed free of charge to all nooks and crannies of the city. Our newspaper you can always find at gas stations, supermarkets, office centers and other locations, where there will always be more 1 interested in something human. Our newspaper will help you quickly navigate to any questions you may have.

We are working, based on your needs and designed to increase the level of your income. Daily improving working methods, we set up bilateral contacts with any of our partners. We are constantly increasing the scope of our services, closely with all business structures, presented in Batumi and will always be open to dialogue with any natural persons.

Housing and Real Estate for all!!!

You want to rent, buy, sell an office or apartment (house)? The newspaper "The Star Batumi" will always help you with this! In addition to apartments and offices, we always offer you a wide variety of rental options, buy or sell: retail space, Premisses, Plots for business and Warehouses!!!

You want something to build or renovate?

The newspaper "The Star Batumi" you will always find the most current ads of any such issue. Also you will be able to profitably and without any problems buy, sell or rent products for construction and repair anywhere in Batumi. Even the most demanding customer will find we have a lot of buying proposals (sale) any materials — finishing or lining, window, doors, plumbing, equipment and tools.

Are you having problems with transport issues?

The newspaper "Batumi Star" will always be the most necessary options around, which is connected with the issues of purchase / sale or lease of any transport: buses, minibuses, legkovushki, Trucks, trailers, and for them any parking, SML, Stations and other "cuts", that we all are so familiar.

Do you need something for a normal office hours?

The newspaper "The Star Batumi" and here to help you! Here you will find or sell ALL - office equipment, stationery, security systems or any equipment. Besides, we can always find the most current ads on all other services - packaging, isntrumenty and much more.

Need everyday objects?

You can always buy, sell or rent everything, what you need: electrical goods, furniture, kitchen equipment, audio- and vïdeoapparatwrw, smartphones, tablets, phones, computers, gaming consoles, clothes, footwear, childen's goods, Food, makeup, yuvelirku, household goods and much more.

Are you interested in other services?

The newspaper "Batumi Star" there are always answers to any other questions! not important, you have to sell, buy or find - we are always working for you in any of the areas relevant to you:

— Employment

— Presents

— loss

— Charity

— decoration of celebrations

— Collecting

— Meet

and many many others!!!

We find all — and from buying a cottage to a rusty nail!!! Advertising newspaper "Star of Batumi" will be useful for any profession or interest. Here you can find any goods, services and everything else, that you will need to. If something is still not there, we instituted a separate section for you!

Every day, we will for you the most reliable assistant, advisor and business partner!!!

The newspaper "Batumi Star"

Address: 6010, Georgia, Batumi, ул. Mazniašvili 47, floor 2/3

Mobile phone: +(995) 555-585-486

Viber / WhatsApp: +(995) 555-585-486

Skype: Star Batumi





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