palace parquet

palace parquet

Since the time of the Gothic Europe, to give comfort to the homes of the nobility, flooring planks lined with special, which we now call the parquet. The first works appeared rude and were more technical functions, than fine.

Tastes palace ladies changed, and with it has changed and the decor of premises. The interior was filled with small details, color, various ornaments, and the flooring pattern after it became increasingly difficult, sleeker and still well in harmony with the environment. A perfect example of such parquet seen in Petersburg palace complexes, built in the nineteenth century.

In the era of Peter the Great, It happened many transformations parquet, especially in Russia. Changing material and deck machinery. They became more and more high-quality and highly artistic. parquet, produced, of Russian timber is resistant to surface wear and abrasion, although production is more than fifty species of trees. Примерами вполне может служить паркет Муранова, Arkhangelsk and Ostankino. Russian masters reached such equipment, что их работу называли «ковром из дерева». Subsequently, this method is adopted, and other masters, and it has become a popular modern techniques of production and parquet flooring. This period is the golden age for the handlers, and that the time pattern of parquet, we call "the Palace".

Palace parquet in its harmony can be compared with murals, especially if we take into account the compositional fullness. Such a coating can be named Russian classic. This exquisite parquet with all its rigor and harmony can decorate your home like living room with fireplace, and a meeting room in the office. In this case, you can choose a classic parquet Grande with its brevity, or unique Chiara - picture, which is worthy of museum or art exhibitions. For dance hall would be perfectly approached Tramonto, in which there are no bulky, distractions, that only accentuate the interior elegance. Для романтично настроенных персон прекрасным выбором будет Фочиа – легкий, air parquet, made from maple. However other types of palace parquet admirable. On listing the advantages and characteristics of each can take a long time, but it is always beautiful and unusual addition to the interior of your home or office.


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