Choosing a gift beloved man, involuntarily pay attention to the chain. Is it possible to give the chain? What better gift? On these and other questions we will answer. Is it possible to give the chain, in principle,? there is a superstition, that you can not give a chain and it's bad luck. It seems to be the case between the chain symbolizes favorite, and the chain canRead More →

Most regional jewelry chain "Rossyuvelirtorg" celebrates birthday! And gives gifts to its customers! The company notes Rossyuvelirtorg 19 years and produced a whole 119 gifts for their own customers. WITH 11 March 30 April make a purchase by 1500 rubles and take part in the phenomenal rally. The main prize - IPhone XS. You expect jewelryRead More →

One of the most popular brands is NIKA. What kind of brand, than it is remarkable and many other things we have at the moment and tell. NIKA - one of the main Russian producers of jewelry watches. Masters of jewelry factory Nick made simply amazing watches and gold and silver accessories. Watching Nick watches,Read More →

Harry Potter 3D on Shadow Theater Shadow statement Verba «Harry Potter 3D» It has long been a dream of creative shadow theater Verba. And now the time has come to embody the creative experience. Films and the Harry Potter books have become the emblem of our generation. we grew up, cried, laughing together with characters known series of novel writer JK. Rowling. It wasRead More →

Театр теней в Алжире с Новогодним подарком!   Украинский театр теней в Алжире выстроил культурный мост между двумя странами. В предновогодний период группа с Чернигова отправилась в двухнедельный тур в Алжир. Демонстрировали артисты свое известное шоу «Королевство теней», но в 3Д формате. Как досадно бы это не звучало, какие-либо концертыRead More →

Театр теней 3Д — «Легенды льда и пламени»   Театр теней VERBA на собственном официальном YouTube канале презентовала первую постановку в жанре театр теней 3Д ! Verbaэто 1-ая теневая команда в Украине, кто сделал симбиоз жанров и представил это публике. Премьерный показ нового теневого 3D шоу произошел 16 апреля 2018 года вRead More →

В «Увлекательном» ресторане & академии проходят акции на торжественное оформление мероприятий и депозиты на банкет. Проф команда поваров, декораторов-оформителей и аниматоров сделает детский праздничек ярким и незабываемым. В будние деньки для гостей ресторана действуют специальные условия на услуги по оформлению детского праздничка. При бронировании банкетного зала с пн. по четвергRead More →

2019 год принес в мир ювелирных украшений новые тренды. Что же на данный момент популярно? What trends navigate when choosing jewelry? Let's see. Generous metals do not lose their popularity naturally, gold, platinum and silver - are those materials, which are out of fashion. Change the appearance of ornaments, but the noble metals do not loseRead More →

Each office, apartment or house need to install storage furniture or demonstrate a wide variety of interior items, books, magazines or catalogs. Particularly suitable for such purposes variations appear to get an elegant whatnot, rack buy Dnepr, and further embellish the interior of small-sized flat, but multifunction coffee table. modern furnitureRead More →

In the days of the VIII International Festival Capital "Circle of Light", with 21 by 25 September, Theater Square invites Muscovites to the premiere light show "Spartacus", which will be shown immediately on the facades of three theaters. Theater Square - perfectly familiar platform audience of the festival and one of the favorite tourist destinations in MoscowRead More →